Tracing a Person

We have an excellent value for money product known as a ‘basic person trace’. This is a service designed to be cost effective which attempts to find the residential address of a person. It is extremely effective if the person is born in Ireland and has been living at their address for several years. In cases where we might be dealing with a person who has been moving around a lot or a foreign national who might not have established firm roots then we can provide a more advanced product.

People tracing might be required in the case of
1) An outstanding judgement
2) A missing family member
3) An old acquaintance for which you have lost contact details.
4) A natural mother or father

We can talk you through the process in each instance and provide a service suitable for you. We can handle any trace while providing respect and privacy for our clients and the people we trace. In the case of a judgement which may have been awarded, we will go to great lengths to get satisfaction. Many of our clients are normal people who have been ripped off by unscrupulous individuals providing defective products/services or the infringement of intellectual property rights.

In sensitive cases such as a trace for a natural mother or father we can act as a go between offering protection for both parent and child. This difficult process may not always be a happy one so we offer discretion and consultation to ease potential conflict.

In a case where a child (over eighteen) might have left home without trace or contact we will provide a bridge of communication and try to get consent from the relative for direct contact. We will provide a picture for our clients of the missing persons’ surroundings and try to reassure our clients of their wellbeing while still respecting the missing person’s privacy.