Serving Legal Notice

It is not a well-known fact but since licencing, Private Detectives/Investigators are the only civil professionals entitled to make full enquiry as to the whereabouts of an individual who may have moved away.

Without a license any summons server is severely restricted in what enquires may be made. An illegal enquiry by an unqualified person may lead to a summons being invalidated, sanction by the PSA (Private Security Authority of Ireland) or
a potential accusation of GDPR non-compliance.

We offer delivery of the summons or legal notice in a well-ordered time frame and provide a report of its delivery.

Included in our price are three attempts of delivery in the case of a difficult subject and/or enquiries plus full person trace report in the event of the named person moving away and in the event of a new address being established we will deliver to the new address.

With a licenced Investigator you are hiring an experienced person with the skills and appropriate standard to do the job properly.