Insurance Fraud

We are insurance fraud specialists with many years experience in fraud investigation and reporting. We have experience in video surveillance tailored for the insurance industry. We are knowledgeable in GDPR and best practise in relation to the storage of secure information and the handling of that information. We are experienced in dealing with solicitors for the insurance industry as well as dealing with private clients directly and we have acted as sub-contractors for other concerns within the industry.

We can work directly for you or your solicitor if you were uninsured at the time of a claim or if the insurance company is saying you are not covered perhaps due to a technicality. We have had several cases dropped as a direct result of evidence provided to the client. We have provided video evidence which massively contradicted claims made by plaintiffs.

We can provide video evidence, address verifications and professional reports.
We stand over our work and are ready to testify or be on standby for testimonial in or outside court. False injury claim is a widespread practice. We can produce evidence to validate or invalidate such a claim. We will conduct a thorough surveillance and background check on the subject and present a valuable intelligence dossier for your perusal.