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Shadow Detectives are a private intelligence and detective agency based in Dublin, Ireland offering a professional and confidential service to all it’s clients. From insurance fraud to matrimonial investigation contact us to discuss your matters in complete faith. – info@privatedetectivedublin.com

We have been operating as a detective agency in Dublin for more than 12 years now. With quality service, complete privacy and quick turnaround time, you would always be in safe hands. 

SHADOW DETECTIVES is based in Dublin and operates throughout Ireland. This agency was a founding member of IPPIA which is the leading representative Association in Ireland for detectives of the highest standards. We were among the first to engage with the Irish Government to bring about a better regulated industry. We helped at every stage in the consultation process for forming an intelligent, coherent and licensable industry which is absolutely vital for the smooth running of Ireland’s judicial service.
Shadow Detectives is an agency which since it’s foundation in 2008 has provided testimony in open court many, many times. It has supplied countless affidavits, written reports supported by photographic evidence, uncovered countless frauds and liaised with the Gardai to see the prosecution of those frauds. 
We offer a humane service which through experience directs our clients and their solicitors to the most pertinent information. The information they need to win the case.
We provide an unrivaled line of communication with our private clients and demonstrate our sympathy by going the extra mile for results. 


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