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A private intelligence & detective agency

ABOUT Shadow Detectives

we are professional

Shadow Detectives are a private intelligence and detective agency based in Dublin, Ireland offering a professional and confidential service to all it’s clients. From insurance fraud to matrimonial investigation contact us to discuss your matters in complete faith

Every operative at Shadow has been hand selected for their specialized skills. Our investigators have a natural instinct for their profession which drives them to achieve results. At Shadow job satisfaction is about the clients needs.

Our primary function is to protect our clients. Protection through information, expert analysis, good counsel, a knowledge of security measures, fieldwork and the law.
During your initial consultation which is free, we can provide possible solutions, a clear idea of the fees and time-scale involved.

Our services

Address Verification
Due Diligence
Matrimonial Investigation
Family Law
Insurance Fraud
Serving Legal Notice
Tracing a Person
Debugging & Counter Surveilance
Undercover surveillance

We are a one-stop-shop for private investigations and detective services in Ireland

In Dublin, the demand for private detective agencies is on the rise. Shadow Detectives is a leading provider of this service in Ireland and has been helping people find their loved ones, get evidence to use in court cases, or trace stolen property we started.

Shadow Detectives provide a wide range of services including: surveillance work where we follow your spouse or someone you suspect of wrongdoing; investigations into insurance frauds; tracing missing persons and assets; criminal records checks on prospective employees etc.; computer forensics (investigating crime on computers).

With over 25 years of experience in the field, our team members are all qualified detectives with expertise in different fields. There’s nothing too big or small that they can’t tackle!

The Dublin-based detective agency services are provided by former police officers, ex-military personnel, IT specialists and others whose diverse experience in law enforcement agencies has given them the skills needed to conduct discreet investigations.

Shadow Detectives are experienced when it comes to tracing missing people in Dublin and keeping watch on loved ones in case they wander out of bounds. We provide surveillance services in all parts of the Country including Dublin City Centre, North County Dublin & South County Dublin.

The company offers professional investigation services across all fields:

  • Address verification;
  • Due diligence;
  • Family law;
  • Insurance fraud.
  • Matrimonial investigation.
  • Serving legal notice
  • Tracing a person
  • De-bugging and counter surveillance etc.

Shadow Detectives provides Professional Services to Head Offices, Businesses & the Public. The company offers discreet investigations which are cost effective, ethical and reliable. So if you’re looking for professional investigation services in Ireland then contact us today!

There is a rise in demand for private detective agencies in Dublin

The demand for private detectives has increased is because of the economic downturn. It seems that once upon a time it was possible for one-income earners to support their entire families. But these days due to skyrocketing property prices and extortionate rents many families are relying on two incomes in order to make ends meet. This leaves no time or opportunity for parents to watch over their twenty-something children who are now spending more money than ever before on alcohol and drugs contrary to parental advice. Hence there’s an increase in demand for detective agencies as parents want to know what their children are up to. Also, there is a rise in demand for detective agencies as people seek evidence about infidelity charges against their spouses.

What services do Shadow Detectives provide and what makes Us different from other companies?

Shadow Detectives provides services like a detective, executive protection and special investigation. We are the only detective agency that has three separate divisions under one umbrella company that means we can provide you with all your detective needs. Above all our packages is the cheapest which make us one of the most popular private detective agency in Dublin. As for other companies, we’re different because we offer you a choice of choosing between male or female operatives and also we strictly follow British standards and best practices which is not done by many companies.

How long do you keep records of a person's activity?

We have the policy to store data only for the time period required by the owner or client. We don’t give out any information without proper permission from our clients, as we value their privacy as much as ours. It is also our policy not to use any unreliable methods of research which could be considered as cheating or breaking laws, hence all investigations are carried out by using legal and dependable tools only. Our employees are highly trained professionals whose expertise in this field is unparalleled.

Who carries out the investigations?

Shadow Detectives only use highly trained and experienced operatives. Anyone who is extremely good at their job distinguishes themselves from others no matter if they are an office worker or a detective, so Shadow Detectives provide the best of services with the best of manpower. Whether it be surveillance tasks or investigative work, all employees are put through rigorous training to ensure that you get more than what you pay for.

So what are you waiting for?

Shadow Detectives provides a wide range of services and it is the most affordable private detective agency in Dublin. We offer professional investigation services across all fields: Address verification, surveillance service, background checks, criminal records check on prospective employee tenants or other individuals. If you’re looking for professional investigation services in Ireland then contact us today.